Mika Between the Veil now available

Mika Between the Veil now available

Here is the prologue; I hope you enjoy it.


Present day, Hill of Tara, Ireland

Mika Kelly believed that Hell existed; it surrounded her. A Druidic battle raged, and on every side people were dying. Blood stained the grass near her feet, and screams of agony and outrage ricocheted in her mind. Paralyzed with fear, she watched as the leader of the Dark Grove finished his spell to raise the Veil. With terrible beauty a light-filled portal rose from the Hill of Tara. She couldn’t take her eyes off the spectrum of opalescent light it radiated. The sight hypnotized her, and incomprehensible voices and sounds called to her. She took a step forward without realizing it, and then fear brought her up short. Mika had never made physical contact with the Veil, and she didn’t want to start now.

But could she really just stand here and let all the creatures of the Otherworld invade her world? Her senses tingled a moment before she felt the touch of a hand on her shoulder giving a squeeze of support, and she dashed forward.

She wasn’t sure of what to do, but she knew she had to do something. As Mika got close to the Veil, her powers suddenly exploded through her. The same light as the Veil poured from her, blinding her. The gates began to open, and she threw herself against them. Her nerves felt on fire as the Veil’s power struck at her, again and again. The gates rumbled and shook, but she refused to let go. Images of her gentle, vulnerable father swept her mind. If she died too… No! She couldn’t die; her father would never survive it. Mika focused all her power and will on the gates. They would close, and she would survive. There was no other option. A ghostly cold crawled over her skin, and sank into her chest, so deep it touched her soul. She shivered, even as she pressed harder against the gates.

Mika had no idea how much time passed or what went on around her. The real world fell away, all she knew was the Veil. Mika could sense the Veil inside her, living and breathing in her body, like a parasite feeding off of her. The urge to pull away gripped her. But if she did, not only would she fail her father and her Grove, but all people.

Finally, Mika could feel power ebbing away from the Veil, and with a last rumble it sank back into the Hill of Tara. Exhausted, she collapsed into a lump next to her friend Alexis, who looked pale and weak from fighting her own battle. “The Veil’s been resealed.”

The next morning at the first ray of daylight that streamed into her guest room at Ward house, Mika popped up from the bed. A tendril of fear curled through her when she realized that icy feeling in her chest hadn’t gone away. A cold knot, pressed down upon her, stealing her breath from her. She put her hand over it. Surprisingly, her skin didn’t feel cold at all. The sensation was coming from deep inside of her, and she shuddered. Had the Veil irrevocably changed her? She moved to stand next to the window. Even though she couldn’t see it from here, she sensed how close they were to the Hill of Tara. Her nerves still trembled in response, even from this distance. The Hill of Tara was one of the few places in the world where a physical gate to the Otherworld could be raised. If she told Ciara, the head of their Grove, about what the Veil had done to her, they would never let her leave Ward house until it was resolved. Maybe if she moved far away the feeling would fade, and she could forget all the things she had seen, and felt.

Mika nodded her head in decision, moving would be the best decision all around. She had wanted to ever since her mother left. If they moved to the U.S., her father wouldn’t be constantly reminded of her mother and sister. He wouldn’t be able to go to the restaurant where he had met her mom, or to the park where they had all last played as a family…before her mother had taken her twin sister and ran away.

Anger crept in as it always did, when she thought about her mother. Maybe if her mother had stayed here in Ireland, they would both be still alive. Mika shook off the depressing thought. Yes, they would move. Everything would be better if they left. She would just have to convince her dad.

She smiled as she felt a comforting presence behind her, and without a word she unearthed a scarf from her suitcase, looped it around her neck and then knotted it determinedly right over the chilly spot in her chest. Mika hoped somehow it would ease the arctic feeling there. They would both recover in a new place. It would take time to put everything in order to move to the U.S., but it was something to look forward to.