My new work in progress

I have very happily started a new work in progress. Unlike the teen paranormal romances I’ve written in the past this is a adult contemporary romance.  Here is a short summary and the prologue.

When forced to give up his childhood love, Hana, Jae-Sun devoted himself to pulling his family out of debt, to secure their future. But during a business trip to Italy, he finds an unexpected love–a love that turns to tragedy.

Hana was heart broke when Jae-Sun married and moved to Italy to help run his wife’s winery, but two years later fate has offered her another chance. Faced with a bitter and distrustful Jae-Sun, can Hana teach him to trust and open his heart to love, or will he shut her and his daughter out forever?


Florence, Italy

Jae-Sun crumpled onto the couch, his mind shattered, his body shaking so bad in reaction, that his muscles cramped. His wife Alessandra’s, last words before she darted out of the house and into her lover’s car, still hung in the air. “She might not even be yours.”

He glanced upwards towards the second floor where his one year old daughter, Valentina, slept, peacefully unaware of the destruction her mother had unleashed. Now that her father had passed away, Alessandra wanted a divorce so she could marry her college student lover. As if that hadn’t been devastating enough she then told him that she would take him to court to fight for his half of the winery that her father had bequeathed him.

He’d given his heart to her, left his country, his family and his job, to come live in Italy and help her father with their winery.  And all along maybe even before they married she’d been seeing someone else. His beautiful, adorable daughter might not even be his? The twelve hour days, six days a week, taking care of the winery, and she wanted to take it away from him?

An angry terror began to rise in him. He felt sick, like a dark sludge moved through his veins rather than blood, fury and disgust crowded up in his mind. Not at her but at himself for trusting her. The pain of her betrayal came at him in waves that he tried to breathe through; he didn’t want to lose control. He didn’t trust what he would do when she came back to get her things, and their daughter Valentina. He looked up at the portrait of the three of them hanging above the mantel, mocking him.

He lurched up from the couch grasped the heavy wooden coffee table and flipped it over. He grabbed lamps and vases and threw them at the tile floor. He panted as he stared at the broken pieces, belatedly remembering that he could wake Valentina. Jae-Sun stumbled out of the great room, grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen, and ran deep into the vineyard. It was dark and all the workers had gone home, there was nothing but him, the vines, and the suffocating summer heat. He who rarely lost control, had to let go, if he didn’t purge the ugliness building inside of him, he would explode. Under an apathetic moon, he screamed and cried with fury until he was hoarse. He hated her, this winery, and this country. If he’d never come here, he would never have known this pain that made him hate the world. Now he understood the pitying glances from his workers, the small private fights Alessandra would get in with her father, and never told him why. Every one of them had known the truth, and no one had told him. 

He didn’t feel any better. He had to call someone. Talk to somebody, before he tracked down his wife and her lover, and did something he would regret. His finger shook as it hovered over two phone numbers; with what remained of his sanity he debated with himself on who to call. Why now after so many years of not talking did he want to call Hana? He pressed the second contact, and closed his eyes.




One thought on “My new work in progress

  1. ckerr says:

    Great start Anne!

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