Things I find delicious

Under the category “Things I find delicious” I just have to have a sub-category “Men so hot it should be illegal”.

There are some things in this world that are just so amazing, so delicious, so sexy, they should be illegal. I’m talking about men of course. With my love of Kdrama and Kpop it should be no surprise that Korean men dominate my MOST WANTED list.


If you haven’t caught the Kwave yet, don’t worry you will, and one of these guys may be the reason why. For many, myself included, Rain is their first Kcrush.


This quadruple threat is everywhere-Actor, singer, dancer, martial artist. You might get your first glimpse of him in American movies like The Prince, Ninja Assassin, or Speed Racer. If you’ve caught the Kdrama bug already, it could be one of his many Kdramas like Full House or the one that suckered me in, Runaway Plan B. Last but not least it could be his music videos. With his unparallelled dance skills and soulful voice, he’s hard to resist.

I’ll close this post on my first Kcrush with one of Rain’s many sexy music video’s.


My new work in progress

I have very happily started a new work in progress. Unlike the teen paranormal romances I’ve written in the past this is a adult contemporary romance.  Here is a short summary and the prologue.

When forced to give up his childhood love, Hana, Jae-Sun devoted himself to pulling his family out of debt, to secure their future. But during a business trip to Italy, he finds an unexpected love–a love that turns to tragedy.

Hana was heart broke when Jae-Sun married and moved to Italy to help run his wife’s winery, but two years later fate has offered her another chance. Faced with a bitter and distrustful Jae-Sun, can Hana teach him to trust and open his heart to love, or will he shut her and his daughter out forever?


Florence, Italy

Jae-Sun crumpled onto the couch, his mind shattered, his body shaking so bad in reaction, that his muscles cramped. His wife Alessandra’s, last words before she darted out of the house and into her lover’s car, still hung in the air. “She might not even be yours.”

He glanced upwards towards the second floor where his one year old daughter, Valentina, slept, peacefully unaware of the destruction her mother had unleashed. Now that her father had passed away, Alessandra wanted a divorce so she could marry her college student lover. As if that hadn’t been devastating enough she then told him that she would take him to court to fight for his half of the winery that her father had bequeathed him.

He’d given his heart to her, left his country, his family and his job, to come live in Italy and help her father with their winery.  And all along maybe even before they married she’d been seeing someone else. His beautiful, adorable daughter might not even be his? The twelve hour days, six days a week, taking care of the winery, and she wanted to take it away from him?

An angry terror began to rise in him. He felt sick, like a dark sludge moved through his veins rather than blood, fury and disgust crowded up in his mind. Not at her but at himself for trusting her. The pain of her betrayal came at him in waves that he tried to breathe through; he didn’t want to lose control. He didn’t trust what he would do when she came back to get her things, and their daughter Valentina. He looked up at the portrait of the three of them hanging above the mantel, mocking him.

He lurched up from the couch grasped the heavy wooden coffee table and flipped it over. He grabbed lamps and vases and threw them at the tile floor. He panted as he stared at the broken pieces, belatedly remembering that he could wake Valentina. Jae-Sun stumbled out of the great room, grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen, and ran deep into the vineyard. It was dark and all the workers had gone home, there was nothing but him, the vines, and the suffocating summer heat. He who rarely lost control, had to let go, if he didn’t purge the ugliness building inside of him, he would explode. Under an apathetic moon, he screamed and cried with fury until he was hoarse. He hated her, this winery, and this country. If he’d never come here, he would never have known this pain that made him hate the world. Now he understood the pitying glances from his workers, the small private fights Alessandra would get in with her father, and never told him why. Every one of them had known the truth, and no one had told him. 

He didn’t feel any better. He had to call someone. Talk to somebody, before he tracked down his wife and her lover, and did something he would regret. His finger shook as it hovered over two phone numbers; with what remained of his sanity he debated with himself on who to call. Why now after so many years of not talking did he want to call Hana? He pressed the second contact, and closed his eyes.



Mika Between the Veil now available

Mika Between the Veil now available

Here is the prologue; I hope you enjoy it.


Present day, Hill of Tara, Ireland

Mika Kelly believed that Hell existed; it surrounded her. A Druidic battle raged, and on every side people were dying. Blood stained the grass near her feet, and screams of agony and outrage ricocheted in her mind. Paralyzed with fear, she watched as the leader of the Dark Grove finished his spell to raise the Veil. With terrible beauty a light-filled portal rose from the Hill of Tara. She couldn’t take her eyes off the spectrum of opalescent light it radiated. The sight hypnotized her, and incomprehensible voices and sounds called to her. She took a step forward without realizing it, and then fear brought her up short. Mika had never made physical contact with the Veil, and she didn’t want to start now.

But could she really just stand here and let all the creatures of the Otherworld invade her world? Her senses tingled a moment before she felt the touch of a hand on her shoulder giving a squeeze of support, and she dashed forward.

She wasn’t sure of what to do, but she knew she had to do something. As Mika got close to the Veil, her powers suddenly exploded through her. The same light as the Veil poured from her, blinding her. The gates began to open, and she threw herself against them. Her nerves felt on fire as the Veil’s power struck at her, again and again. The gates rumbled and shook, but she refused to let go. Images of her gentle, vulnerable father swept her mind. If she died too… No! She couldn’t die; her father would never survive it. Mika focused all her power and will on the gates. They would close, and she would survive. There was no other option. A ghostly cold crawled over her skin, and sank into her chest, so deep it touched her soul. She shivered, even as she pressed harder against the gates.

Mika had no idea how much time passed or what went on around her. The real world fell away, all she knew was the Veil. Mika could sense the Veil inside her, living and breathing in her body, like a parasite feeding off of her. The urge to pull away gripped her. But if she did, not only would she fail her father and her Grove, but all people.

Finally, Mika could feel power ebbing away from the Veil, and with a last rumble it sank back into the Hill of Tara. Exhausted, she collapsed into a lump next to her friend Alexis, who looked pale and weak from fighting her own battle. “The Veil’s been resealed.”

The next morning at the first ray of daylight that streamed into her guest room at Ward house, Mika popped up from the bed. A tendril of fear curled through her when she realized that icy feeling in her chest hadn’t gone away. A cold knot, pressed down upon her, stealing her breath from her. She put her hand over it. Surprisingly, her skin didn’t feel cold at all. The sensation was coming from deep inside of her, and she shuddered. Had the Veil irrevocably changed her? She moved to stand next to the window. Even though she couldn’t see it from here, she sensed how close they were to the Hill of Tara. Her nerves still trembled in response, even from this distance. The Hill of Tara was one of the few places in the world where a physical gate to the Otherworld could be raised. If she told Ciara, the head of their Grove, about what the Veil had done to her, they would never let her leave Ward house until it was resolved. Maybe if she moved far away the feeling would fade, and she could forget all the things she had seen, and felt.

Mika nodded her head in decision, moving would be the best decision all around. She had wanted to ever since her mother left. If they moved to the U.S., her father wouldn’t be constantly reminded of her mother and sister. He wouldn’t be able to go to the restaurant where he had met her mom, or to the park where they had all last played as a family…before her mother had taken her twin sister and ran away.

Anger crept in as it always did, when she thought about her mother. Maybe if her mother had stayed here in Ireland, they would both be still alive. Mika shook off the depressing thought. Yes, they would move. Everything would be better if they left. She would just have to convince her dad.

She smiled as she felt a comforting presence behind her, and without a word she unearthed a scarf from her suitcase, looped it around her neck and then knotted it determinedly right over the chilly spot in her chest. Mika hoped somehow it would ease the arctic feeling there. They would both recover in a new place. It would take time to put everything in order to move to the U.S., but it was something to look forward to.


I love this show, and it easily made it  into my top 10 Kdramas of all time. It’s like a great summertime movie. It has action, romance, intrigue and some great fight scenes. There are only 16 episodes so it’s got a great quick flow to it. I also love the OST, it fits perfectly with the show.

Here is a synopsis from an online source with some changes by me since it wasn’t explaining it accurately.

This drama is the story of  members of the coast guard. The drama is based on the special duties of the Korean Coast Guard officers (rescues, terrorism threats, and other special missions) and also their obstacle in life and love. The drama takes its name from the Poseidon Team,  two men within the coast guard. Using the strong bonds of humanity as a basis, and through the challenges faced by the protagonists and their spirit of self-sacrifice, the drama movingly shows the significance of life and the stories of how people overcome obstacles in life.

Kim Sun Woo, played by Siwon of Kpop band Super Junior, joins the sea special attack team. Sun Woo works as a promising commando, but he unexpectedly loses a comrade due to an undercover mission he wasn’t supposed to be running. He is demoted and is sent to a maritime police office in Gunsan city. Sun Woo’s passion cools down and he slowly loses his vision as a maritime policeman. Then one day, Jung Ryul, who lost his wife to the same people who killed Sun Woo’s co-worker,  has formed a new crime investigation section in Incheon city, visits Sun Woo and asks him to join the team. Sun Woo’s love interest is a co-worker who is a pretty and feisty girl who loves to box as a hobby. With time she knocks him out in every way. Literally.

It’s hard to lose with a Kdrama that has one of South Korea’s  great treasures aka Siwon. While you could probably be happy with Siwon just standing around, flashing some of the cutest dimples on the planet, luckily you don’t have to. Siwon does a phenomenal job as a good  officer who is willing to get a little dirty to get the bad guy. The heroine is one of my favorites of all the kdramas I’ve seen, she’s strong, passionate, and doesn’t take any crap from the hero. Poseidon has a great pace, attractive actors and actresses, great acting and writing. You can’t ask for more, and I really can’t think of any complaints. Oh there is one. No kiss scene…… Oh Siwon you are such a tease.

But I can promise there are some kiss scenes in my books…Anne Violet Amazon Author Page


You’re Beautiful

There are several Kdramas that are in most people’s top 5 favorites of all time, and You’re Beautiful is one of them. It has a gorgeous cast, great OST (original sound track), and fun story. It’s a real joy to watch and I’ve seen it more times than I want to admit. Jang Geun Suk plays a wonderfully flawed but captivating hero. One thing the Hong sisters (the writers of You’re Beautiful), are exceptional at is writing incredibly flawed but still appealing heroes.

Here is the synopsis from

Go Mi Nam, whose name literally means “handsome,” has it all – good looks, a place on the teenage idol boy band A.N.Jell, and legions of fans. But when a plastic surgery procedure gets botched, he is forced to secretly go to the United States to have it corrected. The band manager asks Mi Nam’s twin sister, Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye), to pose as Mi Nam and take over his place in the band. As she tries to pretend to be a guy among the other band members – Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk), Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue) and Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki of F.T. Island) – Mi Nyu causes problems within the band because some of the members know her real identity and some do not. Can the band survive the infiltration by a female or will it implode? “You’re Beautiful” is a 2009 South Korean drama series directed by Hong Sung Chang. The show won numerous awards for its stars in 2009.

This show is enjoyable with its romance and comedic scenes the whole way through. While it is somewhat hard to believe that anyone could mistake her for a guy, you are willing to go for the ride. It’s hard not to want Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye to date in real life  because they have an adorable chemistry, but like many girls you may find yourself rooting for the second lead played by Yong Hwa of Kpop group CNBlue. My only complaints would be the over naivete of the heroine (very common in kdrama), and that in the last couple episodes their reason for staying apart was a little weak in my opinion. It does have a wonderful happy ending in perfect harmony with who the characters really are.  You won’t regret watching this one.

And if you’re now in the mood for romance… Anne Violet Amazon Author Page


My favorite Kdrama of all time–Faith

Before reading this you may want to read my first post on Kdramas.

Warning–Spoilers included. Continue at your own risk.

Here is the synopsis from for Faith–

A modern-day surgeon is kidnapped and taken back 700 years to the Goryeo Dynasty in Korean history. General Choi Young, a warrior, abducts Dr. Eun Soo and returns to his time period so that the doctor can save the injured Princess No Guk. Can Dr. Eun Soo do what is being asked of her and return to her own time period? Or will she have faith in her heart and stay in the past to help the king become a better ruler who cares for and heals his people, and the courage to love the stoic admiral?

Honestly before Faith I wasn’t a big Lee Min Ho fan. I made the silly mistake of confusing the actor with the TKJ roles he tended to play, but his portrayal of Choi Young completely, and utterly, changed me. If I had to choose my favorite romantic hero of film or books I would choose him. His combination of honor, intelligence, bravery, and the twinkle in his eyes, melted my heart. To me the mark of a great actor is not emotional pyrotechnics, but what he can express with his face alone. It constantly amazes me how much Lee Min Ho  can express with the tiniest flicker of emotion in his eyes.

Okay enough fangirling and on to the review. I’m going to give just a summary opinion since there are many more sites that will give a play-by-play per episode review if that’s what you want. Obviously since this is my favorite Kdrama of all time, I won’t have many complaints. One of my few complaints with Faith is that in the beginning of the show our hero is apathetic, and it can be hard to get into a story where the hero has so little care for anything, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. The other complaint for some, is that the heroine is mildly irritating at first, but if you put yourself in  her shoes it’s completely understandable. This show becomes more addictive with each episode and the fact that it’s loosely based on history, gives it a poignancy that a strictly fiction story may not.

There are two romances that develop in Faith and both grow in a believable way over time, and I love the fact that both couples work as partners with faith and trust in each other. This is not always common in Kdramas. The action is well balanced with heartfelt dialogue, and dramatic scenes, with a little humor here and there to lighten things up. You will love the friendships that develop, and you will adore the Wool Dal Chi warriors. The intrigue and sense of danger was weaved through out the story and rarely lets up. While some maybe unhappy that they didn’t kiss at the end (I would’ve liked one too), considering that the general was a fairly stoic person, I thought it fit with his character. My only complaint at the end was the hero failing to win against the evil guy. We didn’t get that satisfying feeling to watch him be killed by our hero, and after all the evil and harm that character did, his ending felt rather anti-climatic. This is a story that never leaves you. To this day I haven’t found another drama I can like half as well.


And if you’re now in the mood for more paranormal romance or a Kdrama inspired contemporary… Anne Violet Amazon Author Page

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If Big Bang or Block B has a little to much edge, or rapping for you, you might enjoy Kpop band Shinee. You can consider them the softer side of Kpop. They have gorgeous melodies and a smooth style. You might also enjoy their many sweet and funny appearances on Korean variety shows, like Hello Baby.

Here is a Wikipedia’s excerpt on them.

Shinee (pron.: /ˈʃn/ SHY-nee; Korean: 샤이니; Japanese: シャイニー; more commonly known and stylized as SHINee) is a South Korean contemporary R&B boy group under the management of SM Entertainment.[1] Formed in 2008, the group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. They made their debut on May 25, 2008 on SBS‘s Inkigayo with their single, “Replay“.

Since their debut, Shinee has released three full-length albums (with one being a separate double-album release), four mini-albums, one live album and various singles. They have also won many awards, held three concert tours and starred in their own reality shows. Shinee is considered to be a fashion icon having started the “Shinee Trend”[2] and are known for their highly synchronized and complicated dancing.