Enthrall Me–Book 2

I just wanted to share the first couple paragraphs from the sequel to my first novel Enchant Me. I hope you enjoy it.

“Alexis!” I screamed.

Her only answer, a slight whimper of pain, carried on the wind like it came across a great distance, bouncing against the trees in the moonlit forest. That small sound roared in my mind, and I ran even faster. My lungs felt on fire, my heart pounded with fear and pain, but no matter how fast I ran, I never seemed closer. I had been running like a mad man for what felt like hours.

Tripping over a exposed tree root, I fell to my knees, and hissed in pain. I’d never seen a night as dark as this one, I could only see a couple feet ahead of me at a time. I looked up at the stars, and watched with horror– as one by one they were blotted out, like some evil hand was snuffing them out. Then even the moon was swallowed by shadow, and everything faded to shapelessness around me. I could feel the darkness like a physical thing, wrapping itself around me, consuming me, choking me. I tried to hold back the fear, but I could feel myself shaking with it. I had to find her!

“Alexi–” The darkness squeezed me harder. I couldn’t breathe…

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